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Futura Labs

Talent-focused, product development & IT recruitment specialist


At Futura Labs we bring together a distilled wealth of knowledge and experience with helping medium to large organizations recruit specialized resources in the ever-changing IT landscape, build dedicated teams of developers from a wide geographical area, and consult on product design & development.

Our consultation services have helped businesses from unicorn startups to multinational companies reduce organizational and operational complexity, streamline workflow processes and management, and offer guidance on product design and development from prototyping to deployment stages.

We offer companies on a rapid growth path, recruitment services over a flexible and scalable network of human resources across the Eastern European region and beyond, that custom-fits the product development and business goals with the best cost and time efficiencies.

Our Services

Dedicated Development Teams

Expand your development capacity. Build dedicated & autonomous development teams. Faster and cost-efficient go-to-market product development cycles.

We can set up a dedicated team of skilled IT specialists and programmers from the Eastern European region, to augment your in-house teams for all your software development projects.

The team and its operations will be managed by us or be autonomous and self-accountable enough to understand the project requirements and deliverables without taking too much time and focus from your core business and operations.

The advantages of having a dedicated team set up are many. Primarily, having a captive center in a country with lower operational and maintenance costs keeps the running of development projects economically feasible.

The flexibility of being able to scale up or down the team according to the project’s exigencies and having the team managed by expert third parties like us, provides short and cost-effective development cycles with the added benefit of having the operations run smoothly at crucial project milestones such as beta testing and deployment.

Build and operate a team that is transferred to your business

We build your dedicated team & optimize its operations. You own the resource. A low-cost captive center, built and grown by us, transferred or ‘insourced’ to you.

The Build, Operate and Transfer model (BOT), also known as the ‘Buy-Out Option’, is a business model and formula that has been time-tested to work. It works the opposite way of outsourcing, where typically businesses hand out parts of a project to third-party freelance developers, and once completed the relationship ends or is discontinued.

Insourcing through the BOT model offers longer-term growth and continuity by keeping the human resource element of the project to continue working after they have been trained and fully understand your systems, processes, business needs and workflow.

They will be as if they are part of your full-time in-house staff but with the advantage of having less overheads and operational costs running further projects.

Product Design & Development

Reduce complexity & increase efficiency in your Product development. We’ll manage your project from talent acquisition to design, development & deployment.

Product design and development is both an art and a science that we at Futura Lab have refined over the years. We understand the particular business needs and goals and come up with bespoke solutions, processes and workflows that will ensure your product or service is developed efficiently and with the highest standards.

With our experience in project managing complex projects and streamlining and simplifying them through methodologies such as agile or scrum, we provide the necessary tools and resources to assist you throughout the development process from ideation, design, best practices and workflows all the way to testing and launch to market phase.


Your Success is built on your team and we can find the best for you. We bring a talent pool of experienced developers and IT specialists across Eastern Europe and beyond.

We have a well connected network of talented developers and IT specialists across the Eastern European countries and beyond such as in the far east.

Finding the right talent that is a right match for your company vision and culture, particularly in the IT field, is becoming increasingly difficult and costly nowadays. We can offer a fast and painless way of searching, selecting, and reviewing new talented and skilled IT specialists to land on their feet running with your development projects.

It’s a high-value recruitment service as it not only takes off the time, costs and pressure in the recruitment process but we are highly specialized in team building and understanding complex development projects and their management. We do not offer only recruitment, we offer the right setup for success.

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